About Us

My Story


Carmel Honey Company grew out of a passion for bees and good grades. This Company began as a student “real world” homework assignment in 5th grade. I not only got an A on the project, but created a business! I enjoy sharing my honey bee knowledge with classrooms and the community, and if you're interested, I’d be happy to speak to your organization about how critical the honey bee is to our future and share with you my thoughts and my beekeeping experiences. Send me request with date and time through my "contact us" page here on my website.

Jake Gives Back


I "Give Back" by supporting honey and bee research with a monetary donation every year.. I seek out organizations who are expanding research and education efforts by addressing the production, nutritional value, health benefits, economics, and/or quality standards of honey bees and honey.

When you purchase a jar of honey or bee inspired product from the Carmel Honey Company, YOU just contributed to the research and education of the public on the importance of pollination and the benefits of the honey bee.

Bee Education


Plant native plants: Flowers help feed bees and other pollinators.  Native plants are a great choice as they typically need less water.
Plant flowers in clusters: Large groupings of flowers with successive blooms attract bees. Pant with the seasons in mind, Bees appreciate blooms year round.
Plant in sunny areas: Bees are known to forage in sunny areas protected from the wind.
Garden organically: Don’t use toxic forms of pest control and be sure the plants and seeds you purchase have not already been treated with any chemicals.